Peppermint Payout

1487 $1 Peppermint Payout 1487 $1 Peppermint Payout

Price: $1

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Sweeten this holiday season with Peppermint Payout Scratchers®. It’s Scratch ’n Sniff with a special gift tag design and six collectible scenes to make these the perfect choice to brighten any holiday gift. Plus, you could WIN UP TO $1,000!

Game Number: 1487

Overall odds: 1 in 4.11

Cash odds: 1 in 8.76

Odds and Available Prizes

Last Updated May 25, 2022 02:30:59 a.m.

This table reflects all Scratchers prizes for this game. After game start, some prizes, including top prizes, may have been claimed. Odds are rounded to the nearest whole number.

Go to Scratchers 2nd Chance program to submit your non-winning tickets for another way to win!

Prizes Odds 1 in Prizes Remaining
$1,000 482,123 6 of 46
$100 11,923 343 of 1,860
$40 1,409 2,881 of 15,740
$20 300 15,773 of 73,884
$10 92 54,441 of 240,180
$5 50 109,823 of 443,554
$4 48 120,340 of 462,233
$2 17 371,128 of 1,294,108
Ticket 8 847,842 of 2,864,617

  • Uncover a “CANDY CANE” symbol to automatically win that prize.
  • Uncover a “HOLLY” symbol to win DOUBLE that prize.

$100,000 TOTAL in Scratchers 2nd Chance Weekly Pool Draws

If your Scratchers ticket isn't an instant winner, submit your non-winning Scratchers ticket into 2nd Chance for another opportunity to win cash prizes in a weekly draw.

There are two simple ways to enter your ticket into 2nd Chance. Submit your ticket on the website by entering the first 13 digits of your entry code (see 1 below) and first 7 digits of your ticket ID (see 2 below). Or, for a fast and easy way to play, submit your ticket on the California Lottery mobile app by scanning the barcode (see 3 below). 

Check out the Scratchers 2nd Chance program for more information.

1487 $1 Peppermint Payout
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