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Last updated 09/22/2020

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This page reflects the top prizes claimed and remaining for each Scratchers game. Select the Game Name to view all prizes remaining for that game. Select Scratchers 2nd Chance to submit your non-winning tickets for another way to win! After the game start, some prizes including top prizes, may have been claimed. Sort the data table using the sortable headers.

Game Name and Number
Ticket Price
Top Prize
Total # of Winners
Prizes Claimed
Prizes Available

Submit all non-winning tickets into 2nd Chance before the deadline to take advantage of your additional opportunity to win prizes. And make sure to claim all Scratchers game winnings before the last day to claim.


Game Name and Number Retail Sales End Date 2nd Chance Entry Deadline / Last Day to Claim
1380 DOUBLE YOUR MONEY 9/18/2020 3/17/2021
1376 STACKS OF GREEN 7/28/2020 1/24/2021
1354 MEGA CROSSWORD 6/9/2020 12/6/2020
1369 ULTIMATE 7'S 5/27/2020 11/23/2020
1349 MONOPOLY 4/24/2020 10/21/2020
1381 CASH IN A FLASH MULTIPLIER 4/22/2020 10/19/2020

Find your odds on the back of your Scratchers ticket.

Yes. To keep things fresh, the Lottery introduces new Scratchers games to replace older ones. Replaced games are ended and you can no longer buy tickets for them. If you have non-winning tickets to ended Scratchers games, you must submit them into Scratchers® 2nd Chance before the 2nd Chance submission deadline.

To get information about when Scratchers end and the final 2nd Chance submission dates, go to the End of Game Info tab on this page.

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Take Home the Arcade

Enter your non-winning PAC-MAN Scratchers into the 2nd Chance promotion for a shot at winning your own PAC-MAN arcade machine or a $40k Grand Prize!

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