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Investigators play an integral role for the Lottery and serve within the Security and Law Enforcement Division (SLED). SLED protects the Lottery’s human and fiscal assets while ensuring the highest level of integrity, security, and fairness in the operation and administration of the organization. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Background investigations of all prospective employees, retailers, vendors, and contractors
  • Security and management of picking winning numbers
  • Detection and investigation of suspicious claims involving altered, forged, or counterfeit tickets
  • Investigation of burglaries, robberies, and embezzlements against retailers where Lottery products are stolen and crimes are committed against players
  • On-site security and surveillance of Lottery facilities

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Are certain certifications required to be a hired as a Lottery Investigator?
As an Investigator for the Lottery, you must have a current Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certificate.
Where are the Lottery’s Security/Law Enforcement Investigator positions located?

SLED Investigator positions are in Northern and Southern California based on business needs. Investigator positions are currently employed within the following 5 geographic regions: 

Northern California

  • Sacramento/Valley Region
  • Bay Area Region

Southern California

  • Los Angeles Basin Region
  • San Diego/Costa Mesa Region 
  • Rancho/Southern Distribution Center Region 

Please note, the geographic location for an available Investigator position will be listed within the job advertisement.

What does the selection process for a Lottery Investigator position entail?

Once you complete the Investigator exam and apply for an available Investigator position:

  1. If selected, you will be contacted to participate in an interview.
  2. If you pass the interview phase, you will be required to complete a background check to include:
    • Medical Exam
    • Written and Verbal Psychological Exams
    • Drug Screening
  3. If you pass the background check, the Lottery’s Human Resources Division will notify the hiring manager of clearance to provide you with a final job offer letter.
  4. If you accept the job offer, you will be notified of your start date and salary as a Probationary employee.

Not all candidates will progress through all stages of the selection process. Continuation is contingent upon an applicant's qualifications, assessment scores, and suitability for employment as evaluated and determined at various stages of the selection process.