Scratchers Game Night Text With Group Of Adults Cheering Scratchers Game Night Text With Group Of Adults Cheering

Scratchers© Game Night

Add a little play to your adult game night with Scratchers®! Scratchers are the perfect game to play in any group, big or small. Whether you enjoy a Scratchers game night with friends or give out Scratchers as prizes, the possibilities of winning are endless! Check out our game suggestions to ensure your game night is full of PLAY! Don't forget, California Lottery Scratchers® are for players aged 18 and over.

Let's Get Started:

1. Make sure your group takes the “What’s Your Perfect Play?” Scratchers Quiz to find your favorite ways to play!
2. Get your Scratchers at a local California Lottery Retailer!

Here are some of our favorite ways to group play with Scratchers:


Scratchers Swap Text With Two Scratchers With A Swap Symbol On Yellow Background


Scratchers Swap

Scratchers Swap is a strategic and exciting game for your next adults-only game night! Players must swap their Scratchers game with each other until all players have had two chances to pick their swap!

1. Get a large bowl and place it at the center of your game play space.
2. Have each player place one Scratchers game of their choice in the bowl.
3. Once all players have placed their Scratchers game in the bowl, each players must close their eyes and pull one from the bowl.
4. Once every player has chosen the Scratchers game, the Scratchers Swap begins!
5. Player turns are made in alphabetical order by first name. The player whose name starts with the letter closest to the beginning of the alphabet gets to choose who to swap with first. 
Note: You can't swap back with the player who just swapped from you!
6. Keep the game going until all players have had a chance to choose their Scratchers Swap twice.
7. Once all players have chosen twice, this round has ended, and it is time to scratch off your Scratchers game and unveil your prize!

Scratchers Scramble Game Text On Background Of Various Scratchers

Scratchers Scramble 

Scratchers Scramble is a game to get you on your feet! This fast-paced and entertaining game is fun for groups of any size. Be the last person standing in this winner-take-all game!

1. Gather your group (remember - players aged 18 and over!), and arrange your chairs around a table and have a seat. Select one player as the monitor who will sit out for this round. 
2. Once you select your monitor, ensure they have a phone or music player ready to press PLAY.
3. Take the Scratchers game of your team's choice and leave one at every spot at the table, leaving one spot empty without a Scratchers game.
4. The monitor will begin to the start the music.
5. When the music starts, each player will scratch off one space on the Scratchers game and walk to the next spot at the table on their left while the music is playing.
6. When the music stops, all players must stop where they are at. If a player is at the spot without the Scratchers game, they are out!
7. Once a Scratchers game has all spots scratched, it is removed from the table and the spot is now empty.
8. Players continue to play steps 4 and 5 until one player is remaining and has won the game!
9. The remaining player gets all the prizes won on the Scratchers games that were played during this round.

1. Grab your favorite soda or bubbly water to get you prepared for a night of GAMES!
2. Pick up your favorite snacks but be sure to check out the do’s and don’ts of game night snacking:

    a. Ditch greasy and sticky foods to be sure your gaming area is free of mess.
    b. Use toothpicks when you can do so.
    c. Keep napkins and wipes close by to clean your hands throughout the game.
    d. Don’t eat while you play!